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Watch this 25-minute documentary titled 'The Invisible Danger' about chloramines, a chemical most people do not know is in their water. Even those who are aware of its presence may not understand how dangerous it can be, especially at elevated levels like those found in almost every county in the Greater Tampa Bay Area. The primary exposure to this chemical is through showering, and there have been a large amount of people exposed to chloramines who have experienced long term adverse health effects, without realizing it was caused by the water they use. This fast-paced educational documentary utilizes news clips and narration to concisely tell the story of chloramine.


After watching the film, select the 'Chloramine Exposure Tool' button to find out exactly how much chloramine you are being exposed to during your showers, based on your location. 


Dr. Younan Nowzaradan

Star Of TLC's Tv Show My 600lb Life

920,000 instagram followers

"Natural Tap Water did an excellent job in a documentary called 'The Invisible Danger,' and I think everyone should watch this documentary to learn about the quality of their water."


Dr. Josh Smalley PHD

Chemistry Researcher & Finalist On The TV Show The Great British Bakeoff 

40,000 instagram followers

"As a researcher, I believe it's important to be aware of the amount of chloramine to which you are exposed in your water. That's why I strongly recommend that everyone use Natural Tap Water’s Chloramine Exposure Tool."

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