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World Class Technology To Remove Chemicals

hh88z1 (1).png
 Industry leading control valve to help monitor and maintain consistent performance

Patented resin with long-lifespan that removes chlorine, chloramines, Thm, Vocs and other chemicals out of your water. 


48 hours backup battery in case electricity goes out 

Strong tubing to allow problem free draining 


Low energy use so your electricity bill wont spike 

Electric Meter.H03.2k.png
NSf certified.png

Components that pass NSF independent testing 

black 3.jpg

High quality structural tank that won't leak 

Electric Car Battery.F15.2k.png

Advanced microprocessing chip 

Plastic Wing Bolt Head.F03.2k.png

Easy water shutoff control


Protective outer shell to protect from sun damage and mold 

Icon Settings.H03.2k.png

Customizable computer settings

White Maintenance Tools Symbol.G01.2k.png

No maintenance required  and self cleaning 

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