Free Virtual Water Test

If you are a health-conscious homeowner and curious about what is the quality of your tap water, then now, for the first time, you have the ability to have your water tested virtually. Our process eliminates the need to spend hundreds of dollars sending water samples to a lab only to receive results that are hard for the non-scientist to understand. All you need to qualify for our free virtual water test analysis is to be a homeowner, currently on city or county water, and have a laptop or computer. Also, if you have water problems, you will also learn about what solutions are available for you. To schedule your free virtual water test analysis & presentation, just scroll down to the bottom of this page. 

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Liza R.

"Health is something that is very important to me, so seeing the test results of what's in my water was shocking"

Katrina W.

" Every since I moved to my new home, the water would have a really bad smell at certain times. However, now I understand what was causing it after watching the virtual water test presentation."

Richard C.

"I use to work for my cities water department for over 15 years. I knew the water wasn't the best because I saw behind the scenes all the chemicals we had to put in the water. But the virtual water test and presentation Natural Tap Water did was very informative cause it showed me things I didn't even know about my water."

Schedule Virtual Water Test 

Select the schedule virtual water test below, and you will be taken to our Calendly page, where you can select the time and day you would like us to call you to have your free virtual water test analysis & presentation. Lastly, if you have a spouse who lives with you, we recommend selecting a time that both of you can watch this presentation together. Since from our experience, after one person sees their test results and talks about it to their spouse, their spouse also wants to watch the presentation.