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Learn What Makes Us Different Before Getting Your Quote

Natural Tap Water is founded by a former R&D consulting firm director and ex-CEO of the nations top software company in the loan modification industry. Our team's unique blend of science and technology expertise is unparalleled in residential water treatment.

Most companies lack real engineering and water chemistry experience, offering great solutions for things like water softening. However, complex challenges like whole-house chloramine removal require customized, scientific approaches. Shower filters are ineffective against chloramines, and the normal one size fits all whole house units sold online or by local companies are not taking into account real world situations of someone showering while also doing something like laundry.  Tackling chloramines especially if they are at elevated levels demands precise adjustments in flow rate, pH levels, resin saturation prediction, and contact time requirments. Since chloramines are 5 times harder to remove then chlorine. 

Our edge lies in our scientifically-informed team and proprietary software we developed so all we need to do is input your water levels and the software tells us  the precise resin amounts, type of resin mesh size mix and backwashing cycles, ensuring effective long-term chloramine removal and chemcial byproduct reduction with 99% acuracy. We are the only residential water treatment company with this type of technology  which is ussually reserved for government and large scale manufacturing corporations who are only hiring engineering firms for their filtration needs. While other companies might be great for basic needs like water softening, we excel in customized solutions for whole-house chloramine removal.


Schedule a free phone consultation to learn about our water treatment system and receive a no obligation quote by clicking the 'Get A Quote' button below. You will be taken to our Calendly page, where you can pick a day and time that is most convenient for you for us to call. 

*Please note we do offer financing options for people in all credit situtions with low afordable monthly payments.  

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