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About Darrell Patterson

Darrell Patterson's career has been driven by his passion for helping others and his dedication to educating about health. Over his decade-long journey as a paramedic, Darrell gained firsthand insight into the numerous factors adversely impacting health. He then shared his expertise as a college instructor, shaping future paramedics. His path led him to a hospital's hyperbaric division, where he specialized in using this advanced treatment technology that uses no chemicals just 100% pure oxygen to help reverse and reduce serious health conditions. His skillset caught the attention of the largest hyperbaric clinic on the East Coast, where he was appointed as the safety director.

A pivotal moment in Darrell's career occurred while he was treating a stroke patient at the clinic. The patient's son, the owner of Natural Tap Water, frequently discussed the overlooked issue of water quality during his visits. This conversation sparked Darrell's interest, leading him to install a filtration system from Natural Tap Water at his home. The results were astonishing. Darrell and his wife had long struggled to find a remedy for their two sons' persistent eczema. Remarkably, after installing the filtration system, their sons' eczema cleared up almost overnight. This dramatic improvement was a revelation for Darrell and his wife, showcasing the direct impact of water quality on health.

Impressed by Darrell's medical acumen and his ability to communicate complex ideas simply, the owner of Natural Tap Water, after 2 years of Darrell treating his mother and witnessing her significant recovery, made Darrell an offer he couldnt refuse to join the Natural Tap Water team. Now, Darrell is on a new mission: to educate and assist others in enhancing their lives through something as fundamental as improving water quality.

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