Homeowner Online Presentation 

Who should watch this? 

Watch our 25-minute virtual presentation and receive a 25.00 visa gift card instantly emailed to you right after the presentation is complete. 


What is this presentation about? 

It will be giving you a presentation about the tap water quality in your neighborhood. Don't worry this presentation won't be boring. This is Hollywood level production that will be very informative and entertaining. So make sure you have your spouse with you to make it a memorable shared experience. 


What are the requirements? 

You have to have a laptop or computer to do this presentation. This will not be a webcam presentation, so you will not need to have a web camera. You will also need to be on city water and be the homeowner to qualify for the gift card. (A picture of any piece of mail you received that has your address and name on it, will be required to receive the gift card ) 

How do you sign up? 

Select the book now button below. You will then be taken to a signup page where you can select a day and time you would like to have your appointment.  One of our team members will then give you a call at the time you selected.