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  Before you schedule a phone consultation on the bottom of this page here is a quick FAQ 


1.What to expect if you book an in-home product demonstration? 


Fun, Yes, really, it's fun! And there's no pressure or obligation to buy anything. You will receive a free live water test and analysis that reveals the chemicals you're exposed to daily—chemicals you weren't aware of. You'll then get to see, taste, and feel the difference between your regular tap water and the water after it has been processed through our advanced filtration system. The profound difference of chemical-free tap water will be undeniable once you experience it for yourself.

2. Wait if there are chemicals that cause adverse effects in tap water how is that legal? 


Just like non-organic food, there are allowable chemical levels deemed legally safe but not necessarily healthy for you. These limits are determined at a federal level, balancing the cost to treat the water against the risk of potential adverse health effects for people. Think about it: there's a legally allowable limit of pesticides on fruits & vegetables, but would you say consuming produce with pesticides every day is healthy for you?

3. What if I do not drink the tap water?


The primary way chemicals found in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, and surrounding areas enter your body and potentially harm your health is through showering, not drinking. Unfortunately, shower filters and standard whole house filtration systems cannot remove the harmful chemicals present in the water of these locations. For women, this is one of the reasons hair falls out during showers, and for those with skin issues, it's a reason they might experience frequent flare-ups after showering.

3.But I have a water softener already? 


Water softeners are great, and we even offer our own softener product. However, while softeners transform hard water minerals into soft water, the chemicals still remain in the water.

4. What to expect if you get our advanced whole house filtration system? 


Health benefits galore! You've probably gone your whole life showering, brushing your teeth, cooking, and drinking water with chemicals (yes, even if you use a fridge filter or drink bottled water, there are still chemicals in that water, which we can demonstrate). Naturally, it will make a significant difference in how you feel when using water without these chemicals. Consider this: your body is over 62% water, so once you upgrade, there are numerous health benefits associated with higher-quality water.

5. I would love to upgrade but I am on a tight budget


Don't worry; we have amazing financing options that will allow you to pay zero upfront costs and enjoy low monthly payments. We're talking so low that you would be able to afford four filtration systems.


If you are interested in scheduling an in-home product demonstration, click the 'Schedule a Phone Call' button below, and you will be directed to our Calendly page where you can book a day and time for one of our representatives to give you a call. Please note that you must be a homeowner; we cannot conduct a demonstration if you live in an apartment or condo.

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