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What Is Natural Tap Water?

Just as the word implies, Natural Tap Water is water without any added harmful chemicals or hardness. Essentially, it's like having rainwater come directly from the clouds right into your home. Unfortunately, most homeowners that are on city water are unknowingly showering, drinking, and brushing their teeth in contaminated water. And they are unaware of the health effects this is having on them.  


Who We Are 

Where a team with over 50 years of combined experience solving water quality problems for homeowners. So it's safe to say we sleep, breathe, and of course, drink water. Our mission is to help educate homeowners about the quality of their city's tap water they are paying for. 


Creating Educated  Consumers 

Learning about your water is typically pretty boring stuff. I mean, who wants to hear about the potential contaminants in their water? 


Knowing this, our team has designed one of the most incredible 3D visual learning experiences. With our Virtual Water Education Experience, you will be blown away with how engaging learning can be! In just 25 minutes, one of our “Water Guides” will give you a fun, educational, and once in a lifetime experience where you will learn everything about your tap water and also even have an analysis of your home water run virtually. The best way to describe this unique experience is to say it will be like watching a Hollywood movie while being on a safari adventure!

The World's Best Water Treatment System

Everyone says they have the best system. But you will learn why our water system actually meets that claim. During your virtual presentation, we will break down from an engineering perspective what sets ours apart. And why it's the best system to turn your unhealthy tap water into healthy "natural tap water".  That will flow through all your pipes in your home. 


Book Your Presentation Today

Step 1: Select the date and time you would like to schedule your 25-minute Virtual Water Education Experience (Please note that you must be a homeowner to schedule an appointment).

Step 2: Fill out your information including your phone number, email, and home address (This will be used to run your virtual water analysis)

Step 3: One of our water guides will contact you on your preferred phone number to begin your appointment. Just make sure you are in front of a computer or laptop. And if you have a spouse, let them watch with you. To make this a shared memorable experience! 

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